Hints and Tips for Self Management


Exercise is the best thing for COPD.  It keeps you mobile and improves lung function leading to an improved quality of life, you are able to do more and go about your daily business easier.  Start any exercise regime slowly, getting to that just breathless state we all know so well, just doing what your are able to do and gradually increase the level of activity.  In a short space of time you will find your able to breathe easier.

Our Pulmonary Wellbeing Exercise Groups do just that and concentrate on lung function and rebuild muscle mass to improve balance and mobility.  It is worth giving one of our sessions a try.


It would be worthwhile to purchase a finger oximeter and check oxygen saturation levels and heart rate on a regular basis.  If the levels drop from your normal readings then it is a good indication that an exacerbation is imminent so book to see your respiratory nurse, GP or start on your rescue pack of steroids and anti biotics.